Commercial Real Estate and Leasing

Sound advice for sound property decisions

By assisting with development, construction, commercial leasing and property management matters, our real estate practice group are practical, transaction driven lawyers who understand the market driven nature of the real estate business and adapt and respond to our clients' needs.

Whether you're purchasers, sellers, developers, builders, investors, landlords, tenants, retailers, real estate professionals or financial institutions who appreciate legal advice and expertise, our team will ensure your real property transactions are completed efficiently and without any surprises.

  • Agricultural, industrial, retail and office acquisitions and sales
  • Commercial Lease drafting, review, negotiation and amendment
  • Real Property Financings
  • Real Property Structuring (Limited Partnership, Joint Venture, Corporations, Real Estate Investment Funds and REITs)
  • New Condominium Sales, Conveyancing and Condominium Property Act compliance

We will ensure your real property transactions are expertly completed.

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