Charities and Not-For-Profit Organizations

Expert legal advice so you can focus on your mission

With increased oversight and accountability, strict regulation and strong public scrutiny, charities and not-for-profit groups often face a more legal challenges than other organizations.

Our lawyers understand this challenging environment and have the expertise to help overcome industry-specific challenges. From structuring, organization and governance, to advising on regulations and compliance issues, our lawyers can help guide your organization through a complex legal landscape. And with our industry knowledge and experience backing you, you can focus on fulfilling your mandate.

  • Incorporation, organization and registration of charities
  • Risk and liability management
  • Canada Revenue Agency compliance
  • Government regulations
  • Directors’ and trustees’ duties and liabilities
  • Mergers, continuations, reorganizations and wind-ups
  • Fundraising issues and charitable gaming
  • Planned giving
  • Charitable bequests

We have industry specific expertise to help you focus on fulfilling your mandate.

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